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Learn All There is to Know About Whiskey at Sagamore Spirit


Sagamore Spirit, the distillery that opened in Port Covington this summer, is looking to get you excited about whiskey. Whether you’re already a whiskey aficionado or simply want to learn a little more about this popular American spirit, a visit to this distillery can be enlightening.

For years, Maryland was a national leader in the production of rye whiskey, with over twenty distilleries in downtown Baltimore alone, and today Sagamore Spirit is trying to bring it back. Tours of the facility not only give visitors a sense of the processes and methods for distilling whiskey, but also help you understand — in plain language — how to recognize and distinguish between different types of whiskeys. Whether you’re planning a bachelor party weekend, looking for a unique date idea or want to learn a little more about the city’s history, stop by for a visit.