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Find Relief From Aches and Pains at Canton Square Massage


Canton Square Massage can ease ailments like anxiety and depression, poor sleep, aching muscles and much more with its massage. Licensed massage therapist David Wilson creates customized massages to target whatever a client's specific needs are. He blends deep tissue, trigger point, and Swedish massage, as well as reflexology.

The massage sessions come in 60-, 90-, or 120-minute increments. David also specializes in prenatal massage, which is a modality that dotes on the bodies of mothers-to-be as they prepare to give birth. It can help with common pregnancy issues, such as anxiety, back and leg pain, and poor sleep. Aromatherapy boosts the effects of the massage, and David uses top-notch Young Living Essential Oils in his sessions. So regardless of your specific aches and pains, David at Canton Square Massage can help.

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