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Try the Trending Cheese Tea at TSAOCAA


If you haven't heard of cheese tea yet, allow TSAOCAA to introduce you to the trendy Chinese beverage. It may sound like an odd pairing at first, but let your taste buds experience the cheese tea and you might be surprised. It's not the strictly savory cheese you may be thinking of, but rather a foamy layer of sweet whipped cream cheese that caps off cups of strawberry, mango, or blueberry boba tea. Customers say the version at TSAOCAA is delicious and authentic.

If you still can't get behind the idea of cheese tea, don't worry, because this newly opened teahouse has plenty of other options. Try something simpler like an iced kiwi tea or a hot cup of white peach oolong. Treat yourself to a sweet strawberry smoothie with grass jelly or a mango smoothie with amber bubbles. Grab an Americano or a creamy rose milk tea infused with boba. These unique drinks are all on the menu at TSAOCAA.