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Meet the Resident Dolphins at the National Aquarium

Guests who are in the know make a beeline for the Dolphin Discovery exhibit as soon as they step foot in the National Aquarium. It’s one of the few dolphin sanctuaries of its kind on the continent, and it’s home to seven Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Kids and adults alike are welcome to press their noses up to the glass and greet the dolphins as they go about their day.

Another popular spot in the aquarium is the Jellies Invasion exhibit. It’s so popular, in fact, that the Blue Blubber Jellyfish Webcam broadcasts some of the ethereal creatures live via the web. You can see them and other jellyfish in person, gliding gently from one edge of the habitat to the other, at the National Aquarium. Make some time to stop by Shark Alley, Blacktip Reef, and the Tropical Rainforest when you visit, as well.