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Staying Cool During the Hot Baltimore Summer


Beat the heat this summer with a cold treat! From the classic Baltimore snowball to creamy gelato, there are plenty of places to cool down and enjoy something sweet.


If you’re spending the summer in Baltimore, a snowball is a must have! For those who don’t know, this Baltimore classic is shaved ice covered in syrup topped with marshmallow cream (optional), typically served in a Styrofoam cup with a long spoon.
Icy Delights
Make sure to stop by Icy Delights for a one of a kind snowball experience. Icy Delights puts a twist on the classic snowball by layering the marshmallow in the middle and has been known for their unique style since the 1990’s.
Quality Snowballs
Even though they have only been open for a few months, these snowballs surely are quality! This stand takes snowballs to a whole new level with their unique flavors and topping options, including real fruit and candy bits.
Walther Gardens
At Walther Gardens, you can find planting and gardening supplies, but you can also find snowballs! One of the oldest snowball stands in the country, Walther Gardens has been making the icy sweet treat since 1933, serving over 100 flavors.
One Sweet Moment
With over 150 flavors, One Sweet Moment has unique snowballs that will satisfy any sweet tooth. They serve plenty of classic flavors such as egg custard, as well as many specialty flavors including “Little Mermaid”, which is kiwi strawberry and grape, and “Spiderman,” which is a mix of watermelon and blue dragon. With so many options, any moment here will sure be sweet!

Ice Cream and Gelato

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Everybody loves ice cream, and there are plenty of places in the city to get your fix.
Located just down the road from Zenith, Lucky’s is an ice cream and candy shop with an old school vibe. Known for their key lime pie ice cream, candy, and plenty of other delicious options, you’d sure be lucky to try any treat here!
Polar Roll
Polar Roll in the Inner Harbor serves one of the latest food trends: rolled ice cream. Less than ten minutes from Zenith, this ice cream shop offers eye-catching flavors such as “Matcha Made in Heaven” and “Oreo and Juliet.”
Bmore Licks
If you’re near Patterson Park in Canton, you can’t miss Bmore Licks and their eye-catching building covered in an ice cream mural. Serving over 100 flavors of soft serve ice cream, Bmore Licks has plenty of options, including vegan and pet-friendly ice creams, as well as snowballs!
The Charmery
If you’re looking to achieve “happiness through ice cream,” make sure to stop by The Charmery, open Wednesday-Sunday. This ice cream shop lives up to their motto with fun flavors such as “Lemon Stick” and “Tang-sicle”.
Taharka Bros
If Taharka Bros sounds familiar to you, that’s because they were recently featured in a Tribeca Digital Studios documentary about young entrepreneurship. Celebrities including Shaquille O’Neal and Whoopi Goldberg have supported Taharka Bros, so you know it has to be good!
Fell’s Point Creamery
Fell’s Point Creamery is the perfect place to grab some ice cream and enjoy a walk along the water. With unlimited mix-ins and plenty of flavors, the possibilities for your ice cream creation are endless here!
Roll Ice Cream
This Highlandtown ice cream shop is known for their rolled ice cream, a trend originating in Asia. Try some of their delicious creations with unique names such as “Couch Surfer” and “Saturday Morning Cartoons”.
Pitango Gelato
Pitango has been making organic gelato since 2007 and is located in historical Fells Point. With a wide range of flavors including banana, cinnamon, and Italian tastes such as Sicilian almond and stracciatella, Pitango Gelato is a must-try!
Head on over to Little Italy (or their Canton location) to visit Vaccaro’s, an Italian bakery serving up traditional Italian baked goods as well as creamy, delicious gelato. Make sure to stop by on a Wednesday to get 45% off your medium gelato!
Whether you’re looking for a refreshing, icy snowball, or some smooth rich ice cream or gelato, Baltimore is definitely filled with places to keep you cool and satisfy your sweet tooth!