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How to Host a Stress-Free Thanksgiving Event in Your Zenith Apartment


We are finally approaching the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving! Hosting Thanksgiving or a Friendsgiving can be stressful with somewhat limited space in an apartment, but there are plenty of ways to work with your space to host a successful event!


Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving in Your Apartment


Don’t Overdo It


Less is more when it comes to your Thanksgiving! Your space is somewhat limited, and you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. Stick to serving a limited number of dishes so that you know you will have the space and the resources to set out the meal.


Use Your Space Wisely


Here are some tips on how to save space without missing any of the Thanksgiving essentials:

  • Temporarily rearrange furniture to give yourself the most space possible
  • Use folding tables, which can be easily stored away when done
  • Go through your groceries and get rid of any bulky packaging

Quality > Quantity


You may feel like you need to provide an overabundance of food for your guests, but the quality of the food is more important than the quantity! Take the time and care to plan a small, but delicious menu, rather than trying to just get a bunch of food out.


Prepare in Advance


You don’t want the stress of rushing to do everything last minute! Save yourself some time and space the day of by starting to cook and clean days before. The less time spent working on the day of, the more time you get to spend with your friends and family.


Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help!


Get everyone involved and make your feast a potluck! Having people bring their favorite dishes makes it fun and puts less stress on you as the host. Just make sure everyone is bringing something different so that you don’t have multiples of the same dish.


Fun Friendsgiving Ideas




Having a theme is a great way to put a fun twist on your Friendsgiving and make you feel more relaxed with all of the chaos the day may bring. There are plenty of ways to carry out a theme, such as with decorations, what to wear, or even a themed potluck! Themes are the perfect way to get creative and make it different from your typical Friendsgiving.




Since Thanksgiving is a holiday for giving thanks, you can also make your Friendsgiving an opportunity to give back! Have your guests bring donations, whether it be money to give to a local charity, or food or toys for a drive. No matter how small of a contribution you make, donations are a fun way to give back and remind your guests to be thankful this season.




Games aren’t just for kids; adults can have plenty of fun with Friendsgiving activities! Whether it’s a drinking game, a craft, or going old school with a board game, having a fun activity is the perfect way to make your feast more than just about the food.


Host without Hosting

Want to host Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving without having to clean your apartment? Stop by the concierge to reserve one of our lounge areas.


Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving Day, or having a Friendsgiving, we hope your guests enjoy themselves in your Zenith apartment.